Welcome to deadweight.com. This site is the home of the Deadweight marine model viewing application.
What's Deadweight?
Deadweight is a FREE graphical utility for working with General Hydrostatics (GHS™) geometry files. The goals of the software are as follows:
• Provide 2-D and 3-D views of the vessel data contained in the geometry files.
• Allow for exporting to different modelling and drawing software packages like Rhinoceros
• Easy to use for both Naval Architects and Vessel OwnersDeadweight is under development in an early beta phase. Please download a copy and provide lots of feedback on bugs or wishlist items to steve@mcneel.com
Deadweight is not an open source project, but I do want people to use the application free of charge. What I ask is that you help me with development by sending me e-mail on items such as bugs, feature wishes, and suggestions. If I start to get enough feedback, I may start an open forum for discussion on the website in the future.
Deadweight Version: 0.2.6
Download sample geometry files for testing Deadweight.