Version History
Version 0.2.6 (11-15-2002)
    • Export body, profile, plan, and wire frame to Rhino
    • Removed the frames per second indicator because it just caused clutter.
Version 0.2.5 (08-25-2002)
    • Support for critical points
    • DXF and PartMaker exports now support sounding tubes and critical points.
    • Option added for subtle adjustments of tank colors based on contents specific gravity
    • New keyboard shortcuts:
      1. Tab cycles through active views
      2. Enter on view acts like double click. View is maximized or restored.
    • Lighting of surfaces is done for both sides. This corrects display for "thin" objects and "cut-away" views.
    • Fixed mouse tracking coordinates
    • File export command not allowed when no file is loaded (duh...)
Version 0.2.4 (08-03-2002)
    • Support for sounding tubes
    • Highlighted station and point are shown in all views.
    • Volume and center calculations for all parts and components
    • Separated part name from description. Tree now shows description for each part if one is available.
    • Improved Zoom: Added a zoom selected feature to zoom to the selected part. Also added an "auto-zoom" function which enables a view to automatically zoom on selected objects or maintain a zoom extents on resizing.
    • Units displayed will change if model contains unit information
    • Highlight border is no longer copied to clipboard
    • Made slight improvements to transparent effect
Version 0.2.3 (07-01-2002)
    • Keyboard function mapping (similar to SE/DISPLAY by Creative Systems, Inc.)
      1. Page up, page down, and space bar map to selecting next / previous parts
      2. Arrow keys work on part tree even when you are working in a viewport
    • Drastically improved fogging for body and 3D wire view. Selected parts / components are visually easier to view.
    • Improved transparent effect.
    • Fixed display of selected part so all components are shown in profile / plan views
    • Previous station was just going to the next station
    • Reads geometry files with blank lines
Version 0.2.2 (06-27-2002)
    • Mouse button command mapping
      1. Left Mouse button - performs action based on current command. Command can be set by using the toolbar or menu.
      2. Right and middle mouse buttons - user defined actions as set in options. These actions are saved and restored for each session of using Deadweight.
    • Selection - Clicking the mouse on a drawn part while in selection mode will highlight that part in all viewports and the part tree
    • Zoom - Clicking and dragging the mouse while in zoom mode will zoom in/out on the current viewport. Up/right zooms in while down/left zooms out.
    • DXF Export - Save body, plan, profile, 3D wire frame, and 3D solid views to AutoCAD DXF file format.
    • Clipboard Support - Copy the active viewport to the clipboard and paste as a bitmap in another program (word processor, spreadsheet, paint program...)
    • Tree of vessel items now goes down to component level
    • Information box added to display information on currently selected part or component
    • Minor clean up to 3D display
Version 0.2.1 (06-12-2002)
    • Packaged application into installer program. Install performs the following operations:
      1. Copies application to specified folder
      2. Creates start menu and desktop shortcuts
      3. Sets shell extensions for geometry file format
      4. Copies required DLLs to local computer
    • Coordinate Display - coordinates can now be displayed as X,Y,Z or longitudinal, transverse, vertical positions. Units are added for displaying in decimal feet, feet and inches, and metric.
    • Persistent Settings - user options (materials, colors, coordinate display...) are saved and restored for the next session with Deadweight.
    • Fixed bug which incorrectly displays components with vectors. Also fixes Rhino export for components with vectors.
    • Fixed bug which doesn't refresh view state upon changing light bulb in tree.
    • Next/previous buttons are disabled when no part is selected
    • Fixed bug that mangles views when switching from 3D to 2D in a viewport
  • File open defaults to filter for GHS geometry files (*.gf*)
  • When a model is loaded, tree is expanded to first level of subcomponents
  • Removed vertices status. This was a debugging tool for me to measure performance. It showed how many vertices I was processing for rendering, NOT the number of vertices in the model.
  • Removed reset button. This proved to be both confusing and useless.
  • Removed camera options and camera view. This needs some serious work and will be reintroduced in a later version. All it does now is confuse the user.
Version 0.2.0 (05-20-2002)
  • Released for small initial beta group testing
Version 0.1.0 (03-19-2002)
  • Initial version presented as part of UW class project